Principal's Message

Welcome to Ispahani Girls’ School & College website. This renowned institute is situated in Moghbazar, which is the epicenter of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ispahani Girls’ School & College is an all-girls educational institute. It has around 2000 students. We always maintain extensive learning-teaching environment at every corner in our institute. We treat every individual in the same way. Our students are from different multiple backgrounds, various strata of the society. Every student is precious to us. If they face any problematic situation, our teachers try their level best to help them in every possible way. We have our personal doctor and nutritionist whose visit is completely free of cost for the students. We take extra care of the weak students. Sometimes, our teachers take extra class for them. We provide scholarship to the most meritorious ones. Moreover, there is special scholarship for the needy students. Our students leave the campus by being a complete human-being because we teach them that education doesn’t depend only on bookish knowledge, rather it requires equality, equity, morality, humanity and tidiness. Students can show their hidden talent by participating in various cultural and sporting events. Every year, we organize an “Educational Tour” so that our students can understand firsthand about various subjects. The senior leadership team operates an open-door policy and welcome families to come in and talk about their young pupil’s education. We view that effective schooling is a three-way dynamic, with the young person, their family and the school working together to contribute to learning process. Our students are progressing in their public results and we are keeping higher expectations from them.

In 1992, this institution achieved the national award as the best educational institute in Dhaka Metropolitan area. In 1995, the devoted founder and respectable Principal, Mrs. Mobina Khatun, got the national award as the best teacher.

So, our main purpose is to shape a girl’s future and introduce her to the inner qualities she bears so that she can be an ideal citizen of our country.

Md. Enayetur Rahman

Principal (Acting)
Ispahani Girls' School and College